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Who Are Those Composers? ~ Piero Umiliani


Piero Umiliani was born in Florence, Italy on July 17,1926. Like many of his Italian colleagues at that time, he composed the scores for many exploitation films in the 1960s and 1970s, his scores covered genres such as Spaghetti westerns, Eurospy, Giallo and softcore sex films.

His composition "Mah Nà Mah Nà" (1968) was originally used in the Swedish film “Heaven and Hell”, a 1968 Mondo documentary. It was a minor charting single (spending 6 weeks on the charts and peaking at #55, and reaching #22 in Canada), popularized by ‘The Red Skelton Show, first airing in October 1969, and ‘The Muppets’, who covered the song several times; starting on episode #14 of ‘Sesame Street’ on November 27, 1969, then ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ three days later, and again on the syndicated series ‘The Muppet Show’ in 1977. The track was also a hit in the UK, reaching #8 in the in May 1977.

Umiliani's other scores included “Son of Django”, “Orgasmo”, “Gangster's Law”, “Death Knocks Twice”, “Five Dolls for an August Moon”, “Baba Yaga”, “The Slave and Sex Pot”. His orchestra score "Arrivano I Marines" for “War Italian Style” a 1966 comedy about two USMC soldiers in Italy, is used in the Armored Trooper Votoms series as "March of the Red Shoulders".

His composition "Crepuscolo Sul Mare" was later used in “Ocean’s Twelve” More recently, his composition Echi Della Natura featured on the soundtrack of Ashim Ahlywalia’s 2012 film, “Miss Lovely”.

Piero Umiliani died in Rome in February 2001, at the age of 74.


UMILIANI, Piero (aka John Moggi, Peter O'Milian, P. Umiliani, Piero Umillani) (Romano Ferrera) [7/17/1926, Florence, Tuscany, Italy – 2/14/2001, Rome, Lazio, Italy] – composer, songwriter.

The Road to Fort Alamo – 1964

The Two Sons of Ringo – 1966

Last of the Badmen – 1967

Rick & John Conquerors of the West* – 1967

The Son of Django* – 1967

A Wreath for the Bandits* – 1967

The Nephews of Zorro – 1968

Quinto: Fighting Proud – 1969

Django Defies Sartana – 1970

Reverend Colt* - 1970 (co)

Roy Colt and Winchester Jack* – 1970

The Twilight Avengers - 1970

A Man Called Django! – 1971

Vengeance Trail – 1971

Blood River* – 1973


*Available on CD


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