Monday, June 7, 2021

Mörschied: Arnd Limpinsel returns as Winnetou

 Karl May & Co.

June 5, 2021

A surprising personality of the Karl May Festival in Mörschied, Rhineland-Palatinate: Arnd Limpinsel, who founded the stage in 1990 and performed for many years as Winnetou, is returning to his star role. In the upcoming production “Halbblut” he will replace the previous Mörschieder Winnetou actor Eric Nisius, who was unable to attend. The festival announced today.

In the 1980s, 56-year-old Arnd Limpinsel was an extra at the Karl May Games in Bad Segeberg and shortly afterwards founded his own open-air theater in Mörschied, Germany. Initially, adventure pieces were performed far away from Karl May, before Winnetou productions became permanent fixtures from 1992. For many years Limpinsel was not only the maker behind the scenes and the driving force, he mostly wrote the textbooks and directed, but also slipped into the Winnetou costume - from 1992 to 2001 and again from 2004 to 2010. He has already jumped for "Winnetou" Eric Nisius a: 2017 as an illness replacement. Most recently Limpinsel was on stage in the Hunsrück in 2019 in the role of Nitsas-Ini in "Der Ölprinz". Even after his farewell to Winnetou, he had remained loyal to the festival in other roles, for example in 2003 as Kantor Hampel, 2013 as Baumann bear hunter or 2015 as Old Wabble. Just last year, his colleagues at the Karl May Festival Mörschied made Limpinsel's leukemia public and organized a search for donors.

Limpinsels Winnetou return comes in a special season: His long-time stage partner and "blood brother", "Old Shatterhand" Hans-Joachim Klein, is to appear in the role of his life for the last time this year. Klein has been playing the Old Shatterhand in Mörschied since the first season in 1992.

"Halbblut" (written and directed by Marcel Gillmann) will be played on the open-air stage in Mörschied from July 24th to August 29th of this year. In addition to Arnd Limpinsel and Hans-Joachim Klein, Marcus Jakovljevic as Juwaruwa, Alexander Klein as Ik Senanda, Marcel Gillmann as Tokvi-Kava, Pascal Korb as Kas Timpe, Sully Dreher as Has Timpe, Lars Lichtenberger as Aunt Droll, Niklas Worst as Hobble Frank , Benny Engel as Hum Timpe and Nitsas-Ini, Denise Gillmann as Mrs. Leveret, Angelika Dreher as Tshen-Yang, Martina Hoffmann as Hong-Sui and Megan Scholz as Shang-Li. Information and tickets:

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