Monday, June 21, 2021

European Western Comic Books ~ Avventure di Laredo Crockett







Le Avventure di Laredo Crockett

The Adventures of Laredo Crockett

The adventures of Laredo Crockett by Bob Schoenke, replaced by #7 from those of Warren Tufts' Casey Ruggles, smuggled for those of Laredo. Casey Ruggles had already appeared in Italy under the name of Red Carson, in the series published by Edizioni Audace (1950).


The series was published in 1953 with #1 released on July 1, 1953 and the series ended with #11 on June 30, 1954. It was published by RDV Publishing House in Milan, Italy under the direction of A. Vannini. It was a monthly publication with each issue containing 96 black and white pages with color covers.

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