Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Dust and Bullets

Dust and Bullets – English title


A 2012 Spanish short film production [Carol Studios (Madrid)]

Producer: Pablo Lapastora Martin

Director: Pablo Lapastora Martin

Story: David Ceballos, Pablo Lapastora Martin

Screenplay: David Ceballos, Pablo Lapastora Martin

Cinematography: Carlos de Miguel [color]

Music: Dan Nisenson, Inaki Simon

Running time: 21 minutes



John - Martijn Kuiper

Dark rider - William Miller

Tom – Jason Fernández

Prison inmate - Jimmy Shaw

Jane - Beatriz Urzáiz

Catherine - Paola Bontempi

With: Nacho Pastor


Story: 1860, John an ex-gunman tortured by his past, lives apart from society along with his son, trying to keep him apart from the violent world that grows around them. But his pasat is searching for him and it will not rest until hunt him and settle an old debt.

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