Wednesday, November 18, 2020

New Book Release Fabio Frizzi: Backstage di un Compositore







Fabio Frizzi: Backstage di un Compositore

Author: Fabio Frizzi


Country: Italy

Language: Italian

Pages: 430


Released: 10/26/2020

From the author of the Fantozzi soundtrack, a musical autobiography, passionate and sincere, which leads us by the hand into the magical world of slow motion, telling us how the musical themes of the films are born. Preface by Vincenzo Mollica: "Every musician when he composes and when he plays has a main mission: to give emotions, to make the heart beat in tune with a feeling that is the authentic fruit of human adventure. This path does not include tricks or deceptions but only needs a clear sincerity which is the true essence of every work of art that deserves to be lived".

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