Wednesday, November 11, 2020

El Heredero

El Heredero – Spanish title


A 2020 Spanish short film production

Producers: Maria Consul, Carles Larini 

Director: Gerard Claramunt

Story: Gerard Claramunt

Screenplay: Biel Marti

Cinematography: Daniel Benejam [color]

Music: Diego Osorio Ruiz

Running time: 17 minutes



Julián – Jaume de Sans

Ernesto – Dani Lopez

Amelia – Fina Ruis

Joaquin – Chap Rodriguez Rossel

Benicio – Roberto Ruiz

Wounded and on horseback, Joaquín arrives at a house inhabited by an old marriage. Although Joaquín seems to be safe under the care of Julián and Amelia, things take on a different turn when he tries to leave the house. This is a short-film about family and grief, and about how our emotions can tragically affect our judgement.

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