Thursday, November 19, 2020

John Wayne, the Patriot

John Wayne, l'Amérique à tout prix – French title

John Wayne America at All Costs – English title

John Wayne, the Patriot – English title


A 2019 French documentary production [Arte France – Unite Documentaires, Les Bons Clients


Producer: Gilles Berthaut, Loic Bochet, Thibault Camurat

Director: Jean Baptiste Péretié

Story: Jean Baptiste Péretié

Screenplay: Jean Baptiste Péretié

Cinematography: Arthur Le Ret

Music: Stephane López

Running time: 52 minutes


John Wayne [archive footage]

Narrator: Éric Caravaca


John Wayne was the most popular actor of the 20th century, the personification of a confident and unabashed America. For millions of viewers, he was the ultimate cowboy, a war hero, and an indomitable character. Forty years after his death, it is time to discover who lies behind the legend.

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