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European Western Comic Books ~ L’Ardimentoso Illustrato

 L’Ardimentoso Illustrato

L’Ardmentoso Illustrated

This comic book was based on newspaper episodic stories of various characters, including Buffalo Bill and Tarzan, as well as some free books designed by Averaldi, Scagliarini, Marvene, Vitelli and Bevilacqua among others. Some of these are quickly concluded in prose (c.p.) because from #9 (March 1, 1936) changes to the formula and graphics of the magazine, increasingly resembling the Nerbinian L’Adventutoso. It introduces characters such as Jim the Hero of the Atlantides, a cross between Gordon and Jim of the Jungle, and Z-4, the Secret Ghost Agent, a copy of the Secret Agent X-9. On May 15, 1946, the magazine resumed its publications as a dispensation, presenting the reprint of the 30 issues of Life and Adventures of Buffalo Bill, already published in 1934 and reprinted in 1936. In1947 it became a comic book. Luigi Bellini, publisher since 1905 with the publishing house M. Carra and since 1928 with his son Aldo Ferdinando of the EIA Edizioni Illustrate Americane, is one of the main producers of folk tales in handouts, partly translated from German editions and partly written in Italy, as well as a direct competitor of Giuseppe Nerbini.


At least 30 issues came out in two years. Non-progressive numbering.
Year I #1 (May 26, 1935) #15 (Oct 13, 1935)
Year II #1 (Jan 5, 1936) #15 (June 13, 1936)

Published by American Illustrated Editions in Rome, Italy under the direction of Fernando Bellini. It was a weekly edition of anywhere from 4-6 pages with black and white pages and color covers.

"Buffalo Bill"
from n. 1 (26.05.35) under no. 4 (17.06.35);
from n. 6 (30.06.35) under no. 8 (23.02.36) (c.p.

"The Mermaid of the Pacific" by Marvene
from n. 1 (26.05.35) under no. 4 (17.06.35) (n.f.)

“The Ghost of the Skyscrapers” by Marvene
from n. 1 (26.05.35) under no. 4 (17.06.35) (n.f.)

"The Pirates of the Condor" by Gaetano Vitelli
from n. 1 (26.05.35) under no. 4 (17.06.35) (n.f.)

"Tarzan and the Lion Man" (Tarzan of the Apes)
by William Laas and Rex Maxon
from n. 1 (26.05.35) under no. 10 (08.25.35)

“Conquering Mars” by F. Serracchiani
from n. 5 (24.06.35) under no. 5 (02.02.36)

"The Children of Captain Grant" by Riv.
from n. 5 (24.06.35) under no. 15 (13.10.35) (n.f.)

"Gulliver's Travels" by F. Serracchiani
from n. 5 (24.06.35) under no. 8 (04.08.35)

“The Underwater City” of Avenali
from n. 8 (04.08.35) under no. 6 (09.02.36) (criminal code)

"The Mysterious island"
from n. 9 (11.08.35) under no. 8 (23.02.36) (n.f.)

"The Aerial Bet"
from n. 11 (01.09.35) under no. 15 (13.10.35) (n.f.)

"In the Land of King Kong"
from n. 1 (05.01.36) under no. 8 (23.02.36) (c.p.

"A Manhunt Around the World"
from n. 7 (16.02.36) under no. 8 (23.02.36) (c.p.)

"Jim, King of the Atlantides" of Ave
from n. 9 (01.03.36) under no. 15 (13.06.36) (n.f.)

"The Heroes of the Wing"
from n. 9 (01.03.36) under no. 15 (13.06.36) (n.f.)

"Z-4, the Phantom Secret Agent"
from n. 9 (01.03.36) under no. 15 (13.06.36) (n.f.)

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