Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The Wild West of A Child – El Hijo arriving in 2019

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By: Hayley MacDonald
December 12, 2018

El Hijo – Spaghetti-Western Stealth Game Coming to All Consoles in 2019.

See the wild west through the eyes of a child in Honig Studios latest work, El Hijo, a stealthy spaghetti-western where violence won’t be the answer.

After their farm is left in ruins by bandits, the young boy’s mother leaves him at a monastery for his own protection. At just six years old, El Hijo knows this isn’t the place or life for him and plans his escape. Guide him through his journey without the use of violence – you’ll find yourself using a child’s mischievous playfulness to overcome challenges and foes.

The core shadowplay mechanic is essential as you stealth your way through the monastery, an untamed stretch of desert, and a wild town rife with villainy. New variations on existing game mechanics will be introduced – adapting to the increasingly dangerous situations you find El Hijo in on his quest to reunite with his mother. Making your way through these challenges helps El Hijo develop his own cunning and self-confidence, skills that will help developing more schemes to get past his foes.

This non-violent spaghetti-western comes from the award-winning minds at Honig Studios and will be published on PC, Mac and Consoles by HandyGames in 2019.

Are you ready for a new take on a western adventure? Let us know in the comments below – and let us know what your role would be in the wild west!

Check out the teaser video, which previews the game’s gorgeous art style and story:

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