Saturday, December 29, 2018

Spaghetti Western Locations ~ Cortijo de Mónsul

This rustic complex is part of the properties of the Finca El Romeral and is located in a particularly striking environmental area: a basin surrounded by arid hills between the main building of the Finca El Romeral and the Playa de Monsul. The corijo, which today is in a state of neglect, was used as a set in the first sequence of “Johnny Yuma” (1966); in the first part of “Face to Face” (1967), in which it appears as the way station in which Gian Maria Volonte is convalescing, and where he is taken hostage by the notorious bandit (Tomas Milian); in ... “And for a Roof at Sky Full of Stars” (1968) (as a Wells Fargo's office run by Victor Israel); It is also seen in “The Longest Hunt” (1968); and “God Forgives I Don’t” (1968).

“Johnny Yuma” (1966)

“Face to Face” (1967)

“And for a Roof at Sky Full of Stars” (1968)

“God Forgives… I Don’t” (1968)

“The Longest Hunt” (1968)

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