Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Lone Ranger (TV)

The Lone Ranger – International title

A 1966-1969 U.S., U.K., Australian coproduction [Format Productions, Halas and Batchelor Cartoon Films, Wrather Productions (Hollywood), Halas and Batchelor Cartoon Films (London), Artransa Park Studios (Sydney)]
Producer: Herbert Klynn, Jules Engel, Arthur A. Jacobs
Director: Rudy Larriva (Rudolph Larriva), Michael Mills, Art Babbitt, Cam Ford, Stan Green (Stanley Green), John Halas (János Halász), Tom Halley, Jackie Huie, Ray Leach (Raymond Leach), Bill Tytla (Vladimir Tytla), Harold Whitaker
Story: Based on The Lone Ranger by Frank Striker
Teleplay: Tom Dagenais (Thomas Dagenais), L.L. Goldman, Ken Sobol, George W. Trendle
Animation: Ruben Apodaca, Bob Bransford, Geoff Collins (Geoffrey Collins), Ed Friedman
(Edgar Friedman), Peter Gardiner, Alan Green, Terence Harrison, Dave Livesey, (David Livesey), Amby Paliwoda (Ambrozi Paliwoda), Yvonne Pearsall, Virgil Ross, Laurie Sharpe, Hank Smith (Henry Smith), David Whittam, Stan Wilkins [color]
Music: Victor Schoen
Running time: 27 episodes x 30 minutes

Narrator – Marvin Miller
With: Lone Ranger, Tonto, Tiny Tom, Black widow

The Lone Ranger is the central character of this American/British animated television series that ran 26 episodes on CBS from September 10, 1966, to September 6, 1969. The series was produced by Herb Klynn and Jules Engel of Format Films, Hollywood, and designed and made at the Halas and Batchelor Cartoon Film studios in London, England & Artransa Park Studios in Australia.

Episode guide: 1966 - “The Crack of Doom”, “The Human Dynamo”, “The Trickster”, “Day of the Dragon”, “Ghost Riders”, “Wrath of the Sun God”, “Night of the Vampire”, “The Cat People”, “The Secret Army of General X”, “Bear Claw”, “Mephisto”, “The Hunter and the Hunted”, “Frog People”, “Revenge of the Mole”, “Terror in Toyland”, “Black Mask of Revenge”, “Puppetmaster”, “The Sacrifice”, “Forest of Death”, “The Fly”, “Valley of the Dead”, “A Time to Die”, “Attack of the Lilliputians”, “Ghost Tribe of Commanche Flat”, “Circus of Death”, “Cult of the Black Widow”, “The Brave”, “El Conquistador”, “Snow Creature”, “The Prairie Pirate”, “Man of Silver”, “Nightmare in Whispering Pine”, “Sabotage”. 1967 – “Mastermind”, “Monster of Scavenger Crossing”

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