Thursday, July 23, 2015

New Book Release

Murderous Passions

By Stephen Thrower with Julian Granger

Pages 432 printed plus 32 pages in color
268.8 X 240 MM
£40 / £50 price includes delivery

The book is available in two editions from SAP:• Signed and numbered Special Edition, below, limited to 300 copies, in a cloth, foil blocked cover with inserted color plate, plus limited 7″ vinyl disc of Franco music and a postcard set.

The single contains three tracks from La Comtesse Perverse and Le Journal Intime dune Nymphomane, all by Roger Davy.

The book covers all of Jess Franco’s films until 1974.

"Since I first met him, many books have been published about Uncle Jess. This one will be difficult to beat! Murderous Passions is the most incredible, monstruous (by size) and wonderful (by content) amount of information ever hunted and collected and put together about Jesus Franco." – Monica Swinn

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