Sunday, March 29, 2015

RIP Fred Robsahm

Norwegian actor Fred Robsahm died at his Lillesand home on March 26th. He was 71. Born Frederick Otto Robsahm on June 29, 1943 in Lillesand, Aust-Agder, Norway he was the younger brother of actress Margarete Robsahm [1942- ]. Fred was famous for his role in Barbarella (1968) with Jane Fonda and John Philip Law. He went on to make only 12 films, among which were four Euro-westerns: “Bandidos” (1967), “No Room to Die” (1969) and “Black Killer” (1971), "Carambola" (1973). He was married for fifteen years to Italian actress Agostina Belli [1947- ]. In the late 1980s Fred was arrested as a passenger on a boat carrying drugs. While in prison he contacted the HIV virus from a needle used to sedate the prisoners. The drugs he took to fight the HIV virus caused many side effects so he left the world he knew and bought a sailboat and started to sail the world. In 1992 he started drinking heavily and developed liver failure. For years he lived in an apartment in Lillesand on a disability pension. 

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