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Benny and Lenny in the Wild West (TV series)

Bolek i Lolek na Dzikim Zachodzie – Polish title
Bolek und Lolek im Wilden Westen – German title
Benny and Lenny in the Wild West – English title

A 1971-1972 Polish television production [Studio Filmow Rysunkowych (Bielsko-Biała)]
Producer: Nina Kowalik
Directors: Stanislaw Dulz, Władysław Nehrebecki, Wacław Wajser, Bronisław Zeman
Story: Adam Hajduk, Leszek Mech, Andrzej Orzechowski, Wladislaw Nehrebecki
Teleplay: Wladyslaw Nehrebecki, Leszek Mech
Dialogue: Jacek Janczarski
Animation: Ryszard Wilczynski, Dorota Poraniewska, Mieczyslaw Poznanski
Photography: Ryszard Biesok
Music: Tadeusz Kocyba
Running time: 7 episodes x 9 minutes

Benny, Lenny, merchant, Kowal, sheriff, Jimmy Pif-Paf, Gunslinger Johnny, shopkeeper, barber, chimney sweep

Bolek and Lolek are two Polish cartoon characters from the TV animated series by the same title (Bolek i Lolek). They are based on Władysław Nehrebecki's sons, named Jan and Roman, and were partially created by German-born Alfred Ledwig before being developed by Władysław Nehrebecki and Leszek Lorek. The series is about two young brothers and their fun and sometimes silly adventures which often involve spending a lot of time outdoors. They first appeared in an animated film in 1964.

The names of the two characters are diminutives of Bolesław and Karol. In English, the cartoon was distributed as Jym & Jam and Bennie and Lennie. Some episodes were seen as part of Nickelodeon's Pinwheel. In 1973 the creators of the film placed on the request from the female viewing audience a girl character by the name of Tola. The first time she appeared in occurred in the episode entitled "Tola". In total, Tola appeared in 30 episodes.

Of all the Polish animated cartoons Bolek and Lolek ranks as the number one all-time favorite. The series was popular in many countries, and was one of the few animated movies allowed to be broadcast by Iranian television just after the revolution of 1979.

Benny & Lenny In the Wild West is about the animated adventures of Benny and Lenny and their adventures in the Wild West.

Episode list:  1) Obrońcy Prawa (Defenders of the Law), 2) Postrach Teksasu (The Texas Terror), 3) Pościg (In Hot Pursuit), 4) Porwany Ekspress (The Hijacked Express Train), 5)  Koniokrad (The Horse Thief), 6) Indiański Bożek (The Indian Idol), 7) Tropiciele (The Trackers)


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