Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Burning Daylight (TV)

Lockruf des Goldes - German title
Alaska Kid - French title
Lure of Gold – English title
Burning Daylight - English title

A 1975 West German, French, Romanian TV co-production [Tele-München, Technisonor (Munich), ARF (Vienna), Technisonor, ORTF/TF1 (Paris), Romania Film, ZDF (Bucharest)]
Producers: Walter Ulbrich, Carl Szokoll, Klaus Nicolaescu
Director: Wolfgang Staudte, Sergiu Nicolaescu
Story: “Burning Daylight” by Jack London (John Chaney)
Teleplay: Walter Ulbrich
Photography: David Alexander (David Alexandru) [color]
Music: Hans Posegga
Running time: 4 episodes x 90 minutes

Elam Harnish - Rudiger Bahr
Labiskwee - Christine Kaufmann
John Tarwater - Ferdy Mayne (Ferdinand Mayer-Horckel)
Cad Wilson - Françoise Arnoul (Françoise Gautsch)
Father George Washington Judge - Wolfgang Schott
Charles ‘Charly’ Clayton - Arthur Brauss (Artur Brauss)
Andy Carson - Werner Berndt
Joe Hines - Emmerich Schaffer
Henderson - Sandu Popa (Alexandru Popa)
Michael ‘Dick’ Bettles – Constantin Baltretu
Caribu Charley - C. Rautschi (Constantin Rautschi)
Montana Kid - Vladimir Gaitin
Harris Topping - Gilda Marinescu
Breck - Vasile Nitulescu
Snass - Adrian Dobrescu
Herr Latton - C. Dateu
Holdsworthy - Romel Făgărăşanu
Obert Ernie Bowle - Marcel Gingulsecu
With: Andrei Codarcea, Ion Dorutiu, Nicu Iordache (Nicolae Iordache)

The discovery of gold in 1897 in the Klondike, a river in Canada, was a sensational event.  It yielded a shovelful of sand in a yield value from $800 to $1000.  Tens of thousands of gold seekers made the trek at that time on the way to the "Land of Gold".  Among them was 21-year-old Jack London.  According to his records, books and other historical documents this four-part television movie was filmed.

‘Burning Daylight’ was a four part mini-series in 1975 with a teleplay written by Walter Ulbrich based on scenes from various Jack London books, diaries and documents of the time.  The television film was a Walter Ulbrich production of Tele-München in cooperation with Technisonor, Romania film Bucharest on behalf of ZDF, ORF and TF1 Paris. ZDF broadcast the four-part series was released during Advent 1975. The series was rebroadcast two years later in 1977 during advent once again.

Episode list: 1) The Klondike Fever, 2) The White Channel, 3) The Wild Man from the Yukon, 4) Eye

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