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La sceriffa – Italian title
Bang-Bang à Italiana – Brazilian title
Tina räumt  auf – German title
The Lady Sheriff – English title
The She Sheriff – English title
The Sheriff was a Lady – English title
The Sheriff – U.K. title
A 1959 Italian production [Betauno Film (Rome)]
Producer: Guido Paolucci
Director: R.M White (Roberto Bianchi Montero)
Story: Mario Amendola
Screenplay: Mario Amendola, Ruggero Maccari
Cinematography: Sergio Pesce, Elio Polacchi [black & white, Dialiscope]
Music: C. Louvre
Song: “Colorado Joe” sung by Roberto Altamura
Running time: 104 minutes
Sheriff Carmela Esposito – Tina Pica (Concetta Pica)
Colorado Joe – Ugo Tognazzi (Ottavio Tognazzi)
Nick – Carlo Pisacane
Donovan – Tom Felleghy (Tamás Fellegi)
Jimmy Jesse – Livio Lorenzon
Jimmy Jesse’s brother – Franco Balducci
Fulton Jesse – Benito Stefanelli
Dolly – Tina De Mola (Ernesta De Mola)
General – Carletto Sposito (Carlo Sposito)
Connie Dallas – Annie Albert (Anna Alberti)
Mr. Dallas – Leonardo Severini
Brutal Time – Alberto Sorrentino
Pink Cloud – Anita Todesco
Indian – Paolo Gozlino
Judge – Tino Scotti (Ernesto Scotti)
Jesse henchman – Stelio Candelli
Deputy Ciccio – Fanfulla (Luigi Visconti)
Jack – Elio Crovetto
Bartender – Nino Musco
With: Bruno Carotenuto (Benito Carotenuto), Philip Kay, Gino Marturano (Luigi Marturano), Rhea Capparelli

The citizens of Rio Ciuccio, are being overrun by a gang of outlaws, led by Donovan, the owner of the "saloon". The sheriff, an old Confederate soldier, tries to impose the rule of law, but the effort cost him his life. His widow, Carmela, a native of Naples, Italy but transplanted in the West, decides to take the place of her deceased husband, she’s stimulated with the firm intention to defend the rule of law and the rights of law abiding citizens. Having proven her courage, Carmela is appointed sheriff. Skillful in handling a gun, she has a manly courage and the power to persuade others with her wit. With these powers, leading by example and with the help of some wine, she succeeds in restoring peace to the country in compliance with the law. Having fulfilled her task, Carmela heads back to Naples.

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