Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy 65th Birthday Susanna Martinkova

Zuzanne Blaskò Martinkovà was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia on August 19, 1948. Born to a Czech family, she debuted on the big screen in 1963 in “LetOs v zari”, a Czechoslovak production directed by Frantisek Daniel. Helped by her buxom beauty, she starred in many films as in her only Euro-western “Vengeance is Mine” (1968) as Mary, and “Colpo rovente”, and “La ragazza del prete” (both 1970).
In 1973 she married Euro-western star Gianni Garko but the couple divorced in 1986.
In 1978 she co-starred in ‘La dama dei veleni’ a television drama with Ugo Pagliai, as the mysterious wife. She then appeared in “Fracchia contro Dracula” (1985), starring Paolo Villaggio. After that film she participated in “Monella” (1998), starring opposite Serena Grandi. In 199 she decided to retire from the film but returned in 2012 to appear in the TV series ‘Vyprávej’.
Today we celebrate Suzanna Martinkova’s 65th birthday.

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