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Lo sceriffo non spara – Italian tile
El sheriff no dispara – Spanish title
Revólver Maldito – Brazilian title
Le sheriff ne tire pas – French title
The Sheriff Won’t Shoot – English title
A 1965 Italian, Spanish co-production [Acadia Film (Rome), Hispamer Film (Madrid)]
Producers: Sergio Newman, Vincent Cashino
Director: J.J. Monter (José Luis Montero), Lionel L. Prestol (Renato Polselli)
Story: Guido Malatesta
Screenplay: Reinat Rizlang, Guido Malatesta, J.L Monter (José Luis Montero), Carmen Martinez (María del Carmen Roman), Vincent Cashino (Vincenzo Cascino), Lionel A. Prestol (RenatoPolselli)
Cinematography: Aiace Parolin [Telecolor, PanoScope]
Music: Felix Di Stephen (Felice Di Stefano)
Running time: 86 minutes
Allan – Mickey Hargitay (Miklos Hargitay)
Baron Vermont – Vincent Cashino (Vincenzo Cascino)
Desiree Vermont – Aïché Nana (Kiash Nanah)
Sheriff Stephen – Gianni Dei
Brett – Manuel Zarzo
Allan’s henchman – Sancho Gracia (Félix Gracia), Antonio Devi, German Grech
Rita – Solvi Stubing
Colet – Pilar Clemens
Deputy – Ángel Ter
Travelers – J.L. Monter (José Luis Monter), José Luis Zalde (José Lizalde)
Jim – Dan Clark (Marco Mariani)
With: Victor Kasline

Jim, a gunslinger, does not intend to use his weapons because during a fight, he accidentally killed his father. He agrees, however, to become sheriff of a Richmond where a fierce band of outlaws are sowing terror. The situation becomes difficult when it is learned the leader of the gang is Jim’s brother. Knowing Jim won’t use his gun against him the gang continues its reign o terror. While the sheriff tries to restore calm in the country, a conflict arises among the bandits in the division of the money from the latest robbery. In the course of this ongoing struggle that follows all in one way or another die. The only survivor is Jim who leaves the area along with the woman he loves.
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  1. The French title is "Le Sheriff ne tire pas"

    "Poker d´as pour Django" is the French title of "Le due facce del dollaro"