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Old Shatterhand – German title
La battaglia di Fort Apache – Italian title
Les cavaliers rouges – French title
Old Seterhend – Yugoslavian title
La bataille di Forte Apache – Belgium title
Het gevecht van Fort Apache – Belgium title
Al batalha final dos Apaches – Brazilian title
Apashien kapina – Finnish title
I titanomahia tou Far West – Greek title
Old Shatterhand – Hungarian title
Assalto ao forte – Portuguese title
Old Shatterhand – Romanian title
La última balata de los Apaches – Spanish title
Arslanlar kalesi – Turkish title
Apaches Last Battle – U.K. title
Shatterhand – U.S.A. title
A 1963 West German, Italian, French, Yugoslavian co-production [CCC Filmkunst GmbH (Munich), Serena Film (Rome), Critérion Productions (Paris), Avala (Zagreb)]
Producer: Artur Brauner
Director: Hugo Fregonese
Story: Karl May
Screenplay: Ladislas Fodor, Robert A. Stemmle
Cinematography: Siegfried Hold (Siegfried Pissowotzi) [Eastmancolor]
Music: Riz Ortolani (Rizziero Ortolani)
Running time: 122 minutes
Old Shatterhand – Lex Barker (Alexander Barker, Jr.)
Captain Bradley – Guy Madison (Robert Moseley)
Winnetou – Pierre Brice (Pierre Baron de Bris)
Paloma – Daliah Lavi (Daliah Levinbukh)
Dixon – Rik Battaglia (Caterino Bertaglia)
Corporal Bush – Gustavo Rojo (Gustavo Pinto)
Sam Hawkens – Ralf Wolter
Rosemary – Kitty Mattern (Katharina Matfos)
Piano player – Bill Ramsey (William Ramsey)
Tujunga – Alain Tissier
General Taylor – Charles Fawcett
Sheriff Brandon – Nikol Popović (Nicolai Popović)
Joe Burker – Mirko Ellis (Mirko Korcinsky)
Tom Kampendijk – Leonhard Putzgruber
Colonel Hunter – Jim Burke (James Burke)
Schmidt – Zivojin Denic
Lieutenant Boyd/Dixon henchman – Nikola Ilić
Tracker – Ulla Moritz
Dixon henchman – Stevo Petrovic
Farmer Kampendijk – Dusko Radojcic
Barkeeper – Uwe Rehse
Apache Medicine Man – Vladimir Sovanovic
Barber – Georg Attlfellner
Dick Stone – Mirko Boman
Great Bear – Aleksandar Djuric
Apache – Gojko Mitic
Will Parker – Vojkan Pavlovic
Lata Nalgut – Milivoje Popović (Mavid Popovic)
Sergeant Flanner – Andrea Scotti
Lieutenant Baxter – Dusan Tadic
Bandit – Ivo Kristof (Ivan Kristof), Franjo Biankini
With: Peter Mönch
Stunts: Slavoljub Plavsic-Zvonce, Dragomir Stanojevic

A gang of outlaws, led by a mysterious individual, performs numerous crimes and the murders of several ranchers, with the blame put on the Indians for the purpose of inducing the federal authorities to break the peace treaty was in force between whites and redskins. Shatterhand, blood brother  with Winnetou, the chief of the Indian tribe, tries to discover the perpetrators of the crimes to prevent the resumption of hostilities. Despite his efforts, he cannot not avoid a battle that include an attack on Fort Apache and will cost many lives on both sides before it is learned that Captain Bradley is the leader of the outlaws. Bradley wants the Indians to force the Army to abandon the fort so that he can claim the Indians valuable land for himself.
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