Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Western Release

El hombre sin tiempo – Spanish title
The Man Without Time – English title
A 2013 production [ION Films (Madrid)]
Producer: Manuel Rubio (Manurel Rubio Lopez)
Director: Manuel Rubio López
Story: Manuel Rubio López
Screenplay: Manuel Rubio López
Cinematography: Manuel Rubio López [color]
Music: Manuel Rubio (Manuel Rubio López)
Running time:
Cristóbal García, Julio Béjar, Daniel Ortega, Alba Sanz, Antonio López, David Sanz, Jaime Márquez, Pepe Alonso, Mario Torres.

In a devastated world where gunmen seek their place, time is everything

YouTube trailer:

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  1. Is that a replica of a Navy Colt he's holding?