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Freddy im wilden Westen – German title
Freddy und das Lied der Prärie – German title
Fredi i presma prerime – Yugoslavian title
Freddy i det vilde vesten – Danish title
Kuusi laukausta pettureille – Finnish title
6 pallottole per Ringo Kid – Italian title
The Wild Wild West – English title
The Wild Wild West – U.S.A. title
In the Wild West – U.S.A. title
The Sheriff was a Lady – U.S.A. title
A 1964 West German, Yugoslavian co-production [CCC Filmkunst GmbH (Berlin), Avala Film (Belgrade)]
Producer: Artur Brauner
Director: Sobey Martin
Story: Gustav Kampendonk
Screenplay: Gustav Kampendonk
Cinematography: Siegfried Hold (Siegfried Pissowotzi) [Eastmancolor, CinemaScope]
Music: Lotar Olias
Songs: “Riding On”, “Who Knows Where”, “The Wild Wild West”, “Traveling West (With the
Sun)” , “Old Joe”, “Give Me Your Word” sung by Freddie Quinn (Franz Niedl-Petz)
Song: “I’m Here to Stay” sung by Mamie Van Doren (Joan Olander)
Song: “We are the Girls from the Golden West” sung by Mariona
Song” “Black Bill” sung by chorus
Running time: 101 minutes
John Burns/Blackbeard Bill – Freddy Quinn (Franz Niedl-Petz)
Deputy Sheriff Anita Daniels/Betty Wilson – Beba Longar (Desanka Loncar)
Olivia – Mamie Van Doren (Joan Olander)
Steve Perkins – Rik Battaglia (Caterino Bertaglia)
Sheriff Mickey Stanton – Carlo Croccolo
Joana Stanton – Trude Herr
Nora Daniels – Desa Beric
Ted Daniels – Josef Albrecht
Murdock – Vladimir Medar
Harry/Jerry – Klaus Dahlen
Old Joe – Otto Waldis (Otto Brunn)
Bud/Buck – Ulrtich Hüls
Roger – Janez Vrhovec
Saloon singer  – Mariona
Bartender – Bruno W. Pantel (Bruno Walter Pantel)
Saloon patrons – Karl Dall, Peter Ehlebracht
Perkins’ henchmen – Stojan Arandjelovic, Mavid Popovic (Milivoje Popovic-Mavid), Mirko Boman

Bill Black is a mysterious avenger who rides through the prairie singing and fighting for the rights of the innocent. Nobody knows that it is John Burns, whose parents were killed by desperadoes. John aka Blackbeard Bill is on the way to the ranch of old Ted Daniels, where he grew up after the death of his parents. Ted, who knows of a legendary gold vein and has been kidnapped by bandits. Black Bill rides to the notorious gold mining town of Moon Valley to bring the unscrupulous criminals to justice. John does not realize that Ted's daughter Anita, who he last saw in childhood, lives there.
When Anita, posing as the sheriff's sister, because he is always drunk, is Deputy of Moon Valley and is now called Betty Wilson. Meanwhile, John makes acquaintance with a certain Steve Perkins, who rules like a despot in the town. His fiancée Olivia only recently learns that Perkins is also head of the infamous Moon Valley gang who has Ted Daniels as a prisoner the basement of the saloon.
By several coincidences Anita comes into possession of a pocket watch belonging to Ted Daniels and John knows it is a clue to the raid on the ranch. Olivia finds out that John Burns is Bill Black and reveals to Bill that Perkins is the head of the criminal gang. The next day, John spreads the rumor that he wants to leave town with Olivia. It provides a trap for Perkins and it develops into a dramatic chase. During a shootout Anita unexpectedly appears. She arrests John as Black Bill. While in prison in Moon Valley John admits his true identity to Anita. At the end John succeeds in freeing Ted and Steve Perkins is finally brought to justice.
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  1. The Name of actress "Trude Herr" is correct.
    "Pummelchen" is something like a nickname.
    And Singer "Mariona" is not Marion Litterscheid.

  2. Biltmore: The german pc is C.C.C.

  3. Corrected. Thanks Biltmore. I was aware yesterday that Mariona is not Marion Litterscheid and changed my file database but not the post draft. Thanks for the information on Pummelchen. Any info on Mariona would be appreciated as I can find no mention of her on German Google.

  4. Mariona, a singer and dancer, married the musician Hartmut Kiesewetter (Brother of German Jazz-Singer Knut Kiesewetter) and lives in Hamburg. Marion Kiesewetter is known as a television-cook and she wrote books about cooking.

  5. Thank you for the information on Mariona.