Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Who are Those Guys - Pasquale Basile

Italian actor Pasquale Basil first appeared on screen in the 1959 action film "Agi Murad il diavolo bianco" directed by Riccardo Freda. He continued to appear in Sword & Sandal and action films until his first appearance in a Spaghetti western with 1965's "The Two Sergeants of General Custer" starring Franco and Ciccio. During his acting career Pasquale was credited under several pseudonyms including Pasquale Negro and Pat Basil. In the 1970s he added Master of Arms to his resume as well as acting. His last appearance was in 1978's "Stunt Squad". Basile appeared in over 25 films among them ten Euro-westerns all as a supporting actor.

BASILE, Pasquale (aka Pat Basil, Pasquale Basil, Pasquale Negro) [193?, Italy - ] - master of arms.
The Two Sergeants of General Custer - 1965
Yankee - 1966 (Gold Teeth)
Heads or Tails - 1968
The Longest Hunt - 1968
Thompson 1880 - 1968 (Lucky) [as Pat Basil]
God Will Forgive My Gun - 1969
Chapaqua’s Gold - 1970 [as Pat Basile]
Zorro the Rider of Vengeance - 1971
Two Sons of Trinity - 1972 (Requiem)
Where the Bullets Fly - 1972

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