Monday, November 28, 2011

Who Are Those Guys - Hermann Basler

Hermann Siegfried Basler was born in Ludwigshafen, Germany on October 6, 1896. His claim to Euro-western fame was his starring role in the silent film three part series "Bull Arizona". Hermann was also a producer, director and screenwriter and co-wrote one of the Bull Arizona episodes along with his mother Mary and his father Adolf who was an assistant director. By the earlt 1920s his career in front of the camera was over, Hermann passed away on September 17, 1982 at Inning am Ammersee, Bavaria, Germany.

BASLER, Hermann (Hermann Siegfried Basler) [10/6/1896, Ludwigshafen, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany - 9/17/1982, Inning am Ammersee, Bavaria, Germany] - producer, director, screenwriter, cameraman, son of director Adolf Basler, screenwriter Mary Basler.
Bull Arizona - The Desert Eagle - 1919 (Bull Arizona)
Bull Arizona - Legacy of the Plains - 1919 (Bull Arizona)
Bull Arizona - The Heroine of the Prairie - 1919 (Bull Arizona)

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