Saturday, November 5, 2011


Starblack - Italian title
Black Star - German title
Django - schwarzer Gott des Todes - German title
Johnny Colt - French title
O Estrela Negra - Portuguese title
Siyah Yildizli Serif - Turkish title
Johnny Colt - English title

A 1966 Italian, German co-production [Ambrosiana Cinematografica (Rome)]
Producer: Paolo Moffa
Director: Gianni Grimaldi (Giovanni Grimaldi)
Story: Giovanni Grimaldi
Screenplay: Giovanni Grimaldi
Cinematography: Guglielmo Mancori [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Benedetto Ghiglia
Song: "Starblack" sung by Robert Woolds
Running time: 89 minutes

Johnny ‘Colt’ Blyth/Starblack - Robert Woods
Caroline Williams - Elga Andersen
Curry - Franco Lantini
Jop - Howard Ross (Renato Rossini)
Williams - Graham Sooty (Virgilio Gazzolo)
Amelita - Janet Tilden (Marianne Tuch)
Thomas King - Harald Wolff
with: Rosella Bergamonti, Gian Luigi Cescenzi, Giulio Galadini, Valentino Macchi, Ettore Manni, Vincenzo Maggio, Franco Scala, Andrea Scotti, Sergio Ukmar

In New Mexico a town is terrorized by a corrupt banker and his gang of henchmen. The banker in turn is terrorized by a mysterious masked hombre called Starblack, who leaves a black star on the spot as a symbol of justice, similar to Zorro leaving the mark of a ‘Z’. In one particular scene our hero has saved the day and looking up at him adoringly a young woman admiringly calls out "Starblack!". The secondary story is about young Johnny Blyth returning home after a misadventure in Colorado and discovers his father has been murdered. Johnny is accompanied by his loyal servant, who is closely modeled after Zorro’s Bernardo, who pretends to be a mute, which enables him to gather useful information for his master. Of course these two turn out to be Starblack and his companion. Both turn the tables on the banker and his gang who they find out are the murderers of this father.

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Robert Woods sings the main theme "Starblack"

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  1. I plan on making a Spaghetti Western movie called, "The Son Of Starblack" which will tell the story of Jesse Colt, AKA "Starblack". Like his father did before him, Jesse wears a black mask and gives away black stars to the people who live in the town of Indian Wells. Jesse's sidekick, Jethro, was once the sidekick of Jesse's father and helped Johnny Colt solve the murders of Jesse's grandparents when the boy was only three years old. "Starblack" finds out that there is oil in the town of Indian Wells and that a man by the name of Rodwin wants to buy up all the land so that he can set up his refinery. But it will be a cold day in Hell before "Starblack" OR the townspeople let him get away with it. So "Starblack" and Jethro gather up the townspeople and prepare them for war against Rodwin. But will they win this war? Or will Rodwin get his wish? Find out for yourself once the movie is released. Until then, wish me the best of luck.