Tuesday, November 22, 2011

RIP Robert Party

Robert Party, who played many supporting roles in film and television, died Sunday in Marseille at the age of 87. He started the theater in 1945 alongside Jean Vilar.
Party in the theater working with Robert Robert Hossein in "Julius Caesar" and "The Affair of the letter from Lyon" in 1985 and 1987. Follow "The Prince of Homburg" with Jacques Mauclair, "Eurydice" by Jean Anouilh, with George Wilson in 1991, "Pygmalion" by George Bernard Shaw Bernard Murat in 1993 and again with Robert Hossein in "Angelique Marquise of the Angels" in 1995.

An actor known for his roles on television, Thierry la Fronde to the Tiger Brigades parallel to the theater, Robert Party has embodied to may for television roles. He played in "Thierry la Fronde" in 1966 and then in "The Adventures of Vidocq" where it is Fouche in 1971.

Roles remain the most emblematic Louis of Evreux in the series "cursed Kings" (1972), the Earl of Rhuys / Poker Ace in the series "Poker Aces" (1973) or his character in "The Brigades of the Tiger "(1978).

In film, his career took off in the 1970s. He toured with Rene Clement in "The Course of the hare through fields" (1971), with Luis Bunuel in "The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie" or Claude Pinoteau in "silent". He also shot four films with his friend Henri Verneuil, including "The Serpent" in 1972, "I like Icarus" in 1979, and "trillion" in 1981).

Party Robert finished his career by dubbing and synchronization of films including "The Lion King." He also lent his voice to the actor Leonard Nimoy in "Star Trek II". Party was the voice of Cesar in the 1994 animated western "Asterix Conquers America".

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