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Il giustiziere di Dio - Italian title
Le justicier de Dieu - French title
The Executioner of God - English title
God’s Gunman - English title
The Judgment of God - English title

A 1972 Italian production [Cigno Cinematografica (Rome)]
Producer: Giovanni Vari
Director: Franco Lattanzi
Story: Franco Lattanzi
Cinematography: Franco Appetito [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Piero Piccioni (Gian Piero Piccioni)
Running time: 87 minutes

Padre Tony Lang/Lant/Lanthory - William Berger (Wilhelm Berger)
Sheriff Frank - Donal O’Brien
Ramon Orea - George Wang (Wang Yie)
Carol Lang/Lant/Lanthory - Nuccia Cardinal
Goliath - Victor Stock (Victor Stocchi)
Donny - Attilio Dottesio
Ringo - Tony DiMitri (Antonio Dimitri)
with; Ivan Greeve, Giovanni Mainardi, Nello Palladino (Aneillo Palladino), Alessandro Perrella, Lorenzo Piani, Alberta Santilli, Gianni Cardillo (Gianni Cardello), Nicola Mozzillo, Maurizio Mannoia, Raffaele Rossi, Osiride Pevarello

Tony Lant a famous Arizona gunslinger, leaves his wife Carol and his gun when his son accidentally falls into a pit and dies. He becomes a priest and builds a mission with an adjoining orphanage. Now known as Father Lanthony he ignores the fact that in the basement of his church lies hidden a large quantity of gold bars, the result of a robbery. Two bands at the same time go on a treasure hunt and the men of Ramon Orea, also called the gang of the Tris, immobilize the priest, and open the passage to the gold with dynamite. They seize the gold but kill all the children in the orphanage. Tony is released from the well where he’d been thrown by his faithful servant Goliath and begins to hunt for the bandits. After a long search, he tracks them down through their spending of the spoils from the robbery. The priest draws the survivor of the Tris gang to the mission and into the hands of the sheriff who captures him with large posse. Having in the meantime also witnessed the death of Carol, the former gunslinger is directed towards an Indian reservation where he will continue his ministry.

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  1. I've actually seen this film on YouTube and it was pretty good. I plan on remaking this film sometime in the near future under the title, "Deacon Tony Lang". The film will take place in New Mexico Territory in 1873 and tell the story about a former minister who was thrown out of Alabama for the crime of blasphemy. He rides into the town of Hazardville in order to open up a church. He hangs up a sign that says, "Deacon Tony Lang". But after the Collins gang rides into town and shoots Lang's sign to pieces, the deacon is forced to take up arms. I will play the role of Tony Lang and the film will be shot on location in Georgia, Louisiana, and Mexico. Wish me luck.