Friday, November 18, 2011

White Rocks

Colmenar Viejo film expert Victor Matellano has released news about a plan to rebuild the old western town of White Rocks in Colmenar Viejo. This is the town that was used in the opening of "For a Few Dollars More". At the moment they have cleared the brush, thistles and weeds from what is left of the foundations and put up a viewing platform and descriptive panels with several scenes from past westerns filmed on the location. The site is located in a cow pasture and part of the main street is now part of a Spanish military base. How far development and reconstruction of the set has yet to be determined or financed. To see more about the project visit Captain Douglas’ location site by using the link below. Bravo!

Captain Douglas site link:


  1. It's a great project ... I hope those involved are able to recreate an authentic feeling and not a spiritless tourist attraction.

  2. Tom Betts said...

    I agree just reconstruct the town, use it as a film set and let the public walk through it when it's not in use. If they want to charge an admission charge fine. The Spaniards need to take pride and realize they are THEIR films not American westerns. THEIR films had a huge influence on filming world-wide. It's too bad they want to merge them into the American western film genre.