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Johnny West il mancino - Italian title
Les frères dynamite - French title
Johnny West le gaucher - French title
Johnny West - Spanish title
Johnny West und die verwegenen Drei - German title
Johnny West und die werwegnen 3 - German title
Left-Handed Johnny West - English title
Johnny West - English title

A 1965 Italian, French, Spanish co-production [Cine Italia Film (Rome), Comptoir Français du Film (Paris), Atlântida Films (Madrid)]
Producer: Giuseppe Fatigati
Director: Frank Kramer (Gianfranco Parplini)
Story: Jerez Aloza (José Aloza), Robert de Nesle, Gianfranco Parolini, Giovanni Simonelli
Screenplay: Gianfranco Parolini, Giovanni Simonelli, Jerez Aloza (José Aloza), Robert de Nesle
Cinematography: Francesco Izzarelli [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Angelo Francesco Lavagnino
Song: "Johnny West" sung by Katrina Ranieri (Katyna Ranieri)
Running time: 105 minutes

Johnny ‘Cherokee’ West - Dick Palmer (Domenico Palmara)
Don Trent - Roger Delaporte
Brad McCoy - André Bollet
Anne Rose/Juanita - Mara Cruz (Maria Gonzalez)
Dusty - Roberto Camardiel (Roberto Escudero)
Jeff - Spanny Convery (Spartaco Conversi)
Fred Jefferson/Chris Jackson - Mike Anthony (Adriano Micantoni)
Ginger - Diana Garsón (Alba Gallotti)
Jimmy Bryan - Bob Felton (Roberto Robles)
Sheriff McIntire - Barta Barry (Bernabe Barri)
Red - Joseph Matthews (Giuseppe Mattei)
Mist - Alfonso de la Vega
Ivan - Alfonso Rojas (Alfonso Gonzalez)
Gorda - Josefina Serratosa (Josefina Pereira)
Blackie - Audry Fischer (Bruno Arié)
with: Angeles Lee, Polly Grouch (Ignazio Dolce), Edy Dentine (Fernando Bilbao)

Johnny West, a half-breed gunfighter, arrives in a village where two domineering brothers are the head of a gang of men willing to do anything. The two dangerous outlaws have captured a man who has found a rich gold mine blackmailing him and forcing him to make a will naming them as partners which allows them access to the miner’s bank account. The two bandits have also set-up Johnny West and have him imprisoned on charges of a bank robbery carried out by them. Johnny West manages to break free and, with the help of two bumbling and feuding peddlers, eliminates the ferocious band. He returns the stolen money to the bank and its rightful owner. Then in true western fashion Johnny West rides off to new adventures.

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