Monday, November 7, 2011

Johnny Saves Nebrador

Jonny rettet Nebrador - German title
Johnny Saves Nebrador - English title

A 1953 German production [Meteor-Film GmbH (Wiesbaden)]
Producer: Heinrich Jonen
Director: Rudolf Jugert
Story: Hans Tannert based on "Manuel erkennt seine Macht by Karl Lerbs
Screenplay: Jörg Lüddecke (Werner Lüddecke)
Cinematography: Hans Schneeberger [black & white]
Music: Werner Eisbrenner, Willy Dehmel
Running time: 96 minutes

General Johnny Oronta - Hans Albers
Marina - Margot Hielscher
Lieutenant Colonel Dacano - Peter Pasetti
Lieutenant Articos - Ferdinand Anton (Ferdinand Kock)
Madame Dubouche - Trude Hesterberg (Gertrude Hesterberg)
Rosita - Linda Hardt
Totti - Al Hoosman (Alston Hoosman)
Carlo - Kurt Ludwig
Paco - Franz Muxeneder
Rubino - Fritz Benscher
Major Souza - Rudolf Vogel
Maracas - Horst Loskarn (Horst Loska)
Rastano - Hans Bergmann
Major Vinaigle - Karl-Heinz Peters
Captain Tolly - Wolfgang Molander
President Dacapo - Ernst Rotmund
with: Viktor Afritsch, Johannes Buzalsky (Johannes Buzalski), Otto Friebel, Oliver Hassenvamp, Franz Koch, Bum Krüger (Willy Krüger), Jurgen Krummweide, Kurt Lang, Ernst Legal, Fritz Lafontaine, Karl von Malachowsky, Meloani, F. Neubert, Panos Papadopoulos, Abdulla Schächly, Hans Schulz, Alfons Teuber, Bobby Todd (Hans Rohrer), Walter Wehner

Johnny, a survivor with a heart, is a stowaway on a voyage to Marangoni, where he inherited a small ranch. He is discovered and put ashore on the coast of Nebrador. In the port city Curacos he is arrested and learns that the military governor Oronta has confusingly similar looks. Oronta is planning a revolution and is happy to have a double, who would protect him from attacks. Johnny gets a uniform and is ordered to mimic the general in public. In this role, he meets Marina who is engaged to Lieutenant Dacano. Dacano has received from the government orders to stop Oronta. But Marina sees through Johnny's role, and because she wants to forestall her fiancé, she becomes his accomplice. They manage to bring the pieces of evidence sought for the planned coup to the capital, but Johnny is arrested as the alleged revolutionary general and sentenced to death. At the last second, they discover the real traitor and the revolution is crushed. Enthusiastically Johnny is celebrated as the savior of Nebrador. But he renounces the glory and honor and rides away to his small ranch.

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