Thursday, November 3, 2011

Johnny Balines and the Sacred Feather

Johnny Balines y la pluma sagrada - Spanish title
Johnny Balines and the Sacred Feather - English title

A 2008 Spanish production [Blau Eventos (Madrid)]
Producer: Mónica Pérez
Director: Alberto Gutiérrez
Story: Mónica Pérez
Screenplay: Mónica Pérez
Cinematography: ? [color]
Music: Lucas Miralpeix, The Vickyleytones
Song" Johnny Balines" sung by "The Vickyleytones"
Running time: 23 minutes

Johnny Belines - Felipe del Campo
Susy Pistolas - Cristina Benavides
Sheriff of Benichigan City - Jaime Guardiola
Chief Red Lizard - Miguel Gil
Ramon Placton - Juan Manuel Abellán
Placton Brothers - Mario Saiz, Enrique Alegría, Mario Arenas, Juan Gilaber, Potro Ramiro
with: Begoña Sánchez, Miguel Such, Manuel Pérez, Carmen González

A western made to inspire those with physical and mental disabilities. Johnny Belines, Susy Pistolas and the Sheriff of Benichigan City face the evil Placton Brothers in a showdown after they are helped by an Indian chief Red Lizard who  gives them a magical feather.

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