Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Remembering Tomás Blanco

Tomás Blanco García was born on November 10, 1910 in Bilbao, Spain. He enlisted in the Foreign Legion at 18 and was stationed in Morocco until 1931. After leaving the military he moved to Madrid and made his stage debut in 1933 with the Josefina Diaz Stage Company.. After the Spanish Civil War he debuted in his first film “Un caballero fabuloso” (1942) directed by José Buchs while continuing his stage work with the theater company Membrives Lola. He would appear on screen for four decades in character roles in some prestigious titles. In the sixties he appeared in eleven Euro-westerns, among them “Billy the Kid” (1964), “For a Few Dollars More” and “Heroes of the West” both (1965), “A Few Bullets More” (1967), “I Want Him Dead” and “The Secret of Captain O’Hara” both 1968. He then became a regular on TV appearing in many dramas for Estudio 1 and Novela. Blanco died on July 16, 1990 in Madrid, Spain. Today we celebrate what would have been Tomás Blanco’s 100th birthday.

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  1. Did he play the sheriff in "For A Few Dollars More" or was that somebody else?