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Les chevauchées amoureuses de zorro - French title
Zorro und seine lüsternen Mädchen - German title
Zorron salattu seksuaalielämä - Finnish title
Oi erotikes peripeteies tou Zorro - Greek title
Las erotica aventuras de El Zorro - Spanish title
Las aventuras eróticas de El Zorro - Venezuelan title
The Sexcapades of Don Diego - U.K. title
The Erotic Adventures of Zorro - English title

A 1972 U.S.A., French, West German co-production [Entertainment Ventures Inc. (Hollywood), Alpha-France (Paris), Atlas Films (Berlin)]
Producer: William Allen Castleman, David F. Friedman
Director: Colonel Robert Freeman (David F. Friedman), William Allen Castleman
Story: Colonel Robert Freeman (David F. Friedman)
Screenplay: David F. Friedman, Mona Lott, Joy Boxe
Dialogue: Robert W. Creese
Cinematography: Fred Schulman (Ferdinand Sebastian) [Eastmancolor, EVI]
Music: Betty Allen, William Loose
Running time: 102 minutes

Don Diego de Vega/Zorro - Douglas Frey
Maria - Robyn Whitting (Jackie Giroux)
Helena - Penny Boran
Esteban - John Alderman
Luis Bonasario - Jude Farese
Sgt. Felipio Latio - Bob Cresse (Robert W. Cresse)
Margarita - Michelle Simon (Starlyn Simon)
Don Alejandro de Vega - Bruce Gibson
Rosita - Lynn Harris (Terry Johnson)
Brother Fred Felipe - Sebastian Gregory
Don Miguel - Mike Peratta
Rodriguez - Ernie Dominy
Commander of the Academy - Allen Bloomfield
Graciola - Becky Perlman (Rebecca Perlman)
Esmeralda - Kathy Hilton (Kathy Avanzino)
Pablo - Gerald Broulard
Manuel - Cory Brandon
disfigured soldier - David Villa
Chico - Fermnin Castillo del Muro
Ortiz - Jesus Valdez
soldier with snake - David F. Friedman

Luis Bonasario is collecting taxes and the villagers are complaining that they don’t have the money. The next thing you know a guy gets killed and Don Alejandro de Vega’s father is lamenting how terrible the living conditions have gotten in Los Angeles and that Bonasario needs to be dealt with

Don Alejandro’s son is in Spain training at a military academy and is the best horse rider and swordsman he knows. A letter is quickly dispatched to Don Diego in Spain and he immediately sets about coming home to help his father and the villagers out, but not before having a going away orgy! That’s the least his buddies could do for him since he’s going to be playing a homosexual once he gets back home!

Don Diego arrives in Los Angeles and is told about the tyrannical rule of Bonasario. Diego immediately comes up with a plan on how to deal with the Alcalde.

He turns himself into a fop, riding a donkey and carrying a white parasol with him wherever he goes. As Zorro he rescues two young women who were taken prisoner on tax day.

Zorro challenges Esteban to a duel the following day by Don Diego shows up instead and Esteban puts two and two together and figures out they are one and the same person. The two have a sword fight ending with Esteban receiving a shoulder wound and saying he’ll never be able to fight again. Zorro tells him he’ll be alright and it’s better to be a lover than a fighter.

Between encounter with Bonasario’s soldiers our fearless hero has several sexual encounters before ridding the pueblo of the evil tyrant and returning it to it’s sleepy village status.


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