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Eukaliptus - Polish title
Eucalyptus - English title

A 2001 Polish production [L&L Studio Filmowe (Warsaw)]
Producers: Adam Leda, Radoslaw Leda
Director: Marcin Krzysztalowicz
Story: Marcin Krzysztalowicz
Screenplay: Marcin Krzysztalowicz
Cinematography: Adam Sikora [color]
Music: Michal Wozniak
Song: “”Halka” by Stanislaw Moniusko
Running time: 72 minutes

Sony Holiday - Leszek Zdybal
Sheila - Dorota Stalinska
Lo - Renata Dancewicz
Sheriff John Grzbiet - Adam Ferency
Billy Rosenkrantz - Kryzysztof Globisz
Ricky Martini - Dariusz Straczewski
Pancino Almodovar - Jerzy Nowak
Sony’s father - Ryszard Kotys
Indians - Tomasz Obara, Dzafar Mezher
doctor - Jan Peszek
pastor - Henryk Kluba
prostitutes - Magda Bieganska, Oliwia Angerstein
bartender - Dariusz Gnatowski
saloon girl - Marta Kielkowicz
Sheila’s client - Maciej Wilewski
prisoner - Julius Krzysztof Warunek
saloon patron - Jaroslaw Stypa
‘The Blonde Man’ - Marek Zukowski
constables - Robert Skulski, Jerzy Pokoj, Ryszard Jaroch
carpenter - Robert Tyszka
drunk - Izydor Zmuda
with: Katarzyna De Belle, Robert Kaczmarek, Jacek Braszczok, Katarzyna Studniak, Adam Lindel, Jaroslaw Kostewicz, Andrezej Putowski, Piotr Mioduszewski, Andrzej Szewczyk, Andrzej Styczynski, Piotr Damian, Piotr Owczarek, Iwona Klinicka, Emilia Kanclerska, Marta Grabowska, Bogdan Andrzejewski, Dominik Czarow, Zdzislaw Stokowski, Jozef Bednarz, Przemyslaw Ruszczynski, Aleksandra Sarzeta, Rafal Mackiewicz, Tadeusz Jozefowicz, Piotr Sobczyk, Pawet Peszek, Jacek Lemonski, Anna Ziemba

Sony Holiday is a gunslinger endowed by nature with two particularly intriguing features: sensitivity and his unusual sexual tool (“bird”). Sony’s sensitivity is expressed in his words and behavior, so different from that which appears in the world around him that can be safely called a real poet. But Holiday also has besides his famous hypersensitive self, his unusual "bird", which some have called a "metaphysical bird." This is what Sony owes him fame, which in the Wild West was higher valued than living and health.

Sony as a male adult and his sexual choices is almost always guided by a practical sense, therefore, most of the time he spends with one and the same bitch Sheila, the oldest in Rio Bravo. Holiday and Sheila are involved in a special intimacy, allowing each of them special jokes and memories. The latter concern, in particular Holiday’s father, who strongly influenced the life of Sheila, educating her with real dedication. Holiday’s father was a hard and determined man. His sexual temperament allowed him intensive contacts with all women, what deserves to be called the true authority in the eyes of all the Rio Bravo.

The relationships between Holiday and Sheila becomes distorted with the appearance of beautiful Lo and Sony, no less replace the old Sheila with the fourteen year-old Lo. This substitution leads to complications. Lo belongs to the biggest thug and degenerate Billy Rosenkrantz. Bill is so bad that, without the slightest embarrassment he live with corpses, which even in a demoralized city as Rio Bravo arouses widespread outrage. Of course, Bill abuses all the rules and ethical standards, because he is one of the fastest gunslingers and is not afraid of anyone. The romance between Sony and Lo, as tradition tells, takes place in absolute secrecy, until one day, Billy, of course, finds out about everything. From the beginning of masculinity Sony believes that like in ancient times losing the use of his "bird" will result in the loss of his masculinity and gunfighting abilities. But when Lo explains that Sony has a special, invisible "bird," he vows revenge against Billy.

Enter Sheriff John Ridge, who has been narrating the story, who despite his age and position, falls in love with Lo and vows that he will not hesitate at anything to make her his own. Therefore a three way confrontation must take place between Sony, Billy and Sheriff Ridge.

[Koszalin Audience Award Best Picture, Eagle, Polish Film Award Best Cinematography]

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