Wednesday, November 10, 2010


El Rojo - Italian title
Texas el rojo - Spanish title
Django bereidt uw vonnis - Belgium title
El Rojo - French title
El Rocho - Der Töter - German title
El Rojo - Greek title
5000 dollar för El Rojo! - Swedish title
Rojo - English title
El Rojo - English title

A 1966 Italian, Spanish co-production [Ramofilms (Rome), Petruka Films (Madrid)]
Producers: Robert Lover (Roberto Amoroso), Luis Merino
Director: Leo Coleman (Leopoldo Savona)
Story: Robert Lover (Roberto Amoroso), Bill Coleman (Leopoldo Savona), Mike Mitchell (Mario Casacci), Rate Furlan
Screenplay: Robert Lover (Roberto Amoroso), Bill Coleman (Leopoldo Savona), Mike Mitchell (Mario Casacci), Rate Furlan, Antonio Giambriccio, Roberto Gianviti, Jose-Maria Seone
Cinematography: Aldo Giordani [Eastmancolor, Ramovision]
Music: Benedetto Ghiglia
Song: “To the West” sung by Nieves Navarro (Nieves Garcia)
Running time: 85 minutes

Donald ‘El Rojo’ Sorenson/Saroyan - Richard Harrison
Lansky/Lasky - Peter Carter (Giusva Lulli)
Ortega - Andrew Ray (Andrea Aureli)
Consuelo - Nieves Navarro (Nieves Garcia)
Flo - Annie Gorassini (Anna Gorassini)
Pamela - Rita Klein
Wallace - Ray Russel (Demenico Orobona)
Navarro - Mirko Ellis (Mirko Korcinsky)
Ramon - Raf Baldwin (Rafaelle Baldassarre)
Hank/Giosue/José Garibaldi - José Jaspe (José Rivas)
Cochise - Andrea Fantasia
judge - John Bartha (János Barta)
sheriff - Tom Felleghy (Tamás Fellegi)
Grandfather - Antonio Jimenez Escribano

Settler - Walter Maestosi
saloon patrons - Fortunato Arena, Elio Angelucci, Franco Gula (Francesco Gula)

The Sorenson family is massacred, apparently by a lone Indian. On the site of the killing, a town, Gold Hill grows up, run by a group of businessmen. Years later, El Rojo, alias the last surviving Sorenson arrives, searching for the truth about the massacre, and seeking revenge. In Gold Hill four men, Lasky, Navarro, Wallace and Ortega, are being honored by the town. They are owners of a mine, a bank and a saloon. The same Indian we see at the beginning of the film shoots an arrow at them with a note threatening their lives. Harrison becomes interested in the four when a settler is killed after accusing the four of being land grabbers. Aided by an old man who invents some strange and unique weapons, El Rojo confronts each man through a number of disguises and tricks. He calls them by name and takes out his revenge. Things become a bit complicated when El Rojo’s old girlfriend is found to have married Lasky.


  1. is this out on dvd? and where can i get it from.

  2. As far as I know it's not avaialable on DVD. That's probably why there are no clips on You Tube. You can try E-Bay and I-Offer and see if it may be available as a DVD-R. I have a video copy so it's out there in at least one format.

  3. Wallace is played by Franco Ressel, not "Ray Russel".
    I saw an English-language DVD-R last year, and there is a lot of strange things about this movie.
    First, the Jose Jaspe character is a Civil War veteran in the English version, a Garibaldi trooper in the Italian one (according to Mario Giusti).
    The Richard Harrison character likes to a) eat candy, b) draw pictures, c) disguise himself. Though his talents are wasted in this plot.
    There are a lot of similarities with the plot of Gianfranco Parolini's Sartana (shot two years later, I think):
    -- the sets look the same
    -- four criminals reign on the city
    -- one of them (Piero Lulli) is named Lasky, which is the name of the William Berger character in Sartana
    -- BTW, in Sartana, one of the characters (played by Gianni Rizzo) likes to eat candy, like Richard Harrison in this movie
    -- last but not least, on the original Sartana movie poster (the one which Wild East used for their DVD), Gianni Garko is dressed not as Sartana but as El Rojo, ie like Richard Harrison here.

  4. You can find "El Rojo" on YouTube. I know because I went to the channel Grjngo Western Movies and that's where you can usually find it. I hope this helps you in some way.