Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Un dollaro di fuoco - Italian title
Un dolar de fuego - Spanish title
Pas d’orchidées pour le sheriff - French title
Pour un dollar d’amour - French title
Keinen Dollar für dein Leben - German title
Ena pistoli pio kafto apo ton ilo - Greek title
En dollar av eld - Bloody Killer - Swedish title
A Dollar a Fire - English title
A Death for a Dollar - English title
One Dollar of Fire - English title
One Dollar of Gunfire - English title
Epitaph for a Fast Gun - English title

A 1965 Italian, Spanish co-production [Cineproduzioni Associati (Rome), IFISA (Madrid)]
Producers: Antonio Uzard, Ignacio F. Iquino (Ignacio Ferres Iquino
Director: Nick Nostro (Nicola Nostro), José Luis Madrid (José de la Viña)
Story: Mikky Roberts (Miguel Bada)
Screenplay: Ray Calloway (Mario Colucci), Ignacio F. Iquino (Ignacio Ferres Iquino), Mikky Roberts (Miguel Bada)
Cinematography: Victor Monreal (Victor Sarto), Julian Rosenthal (Julio de Rozas) [Technicolor, Technirama]
Music: Henry Escobar (Enrique Escobar), Francesco De Masi
Running time: 91 minutes

Blacky ‘Spider’ Kendall - Michael Rivas/Michael Riva (Miguel de la Riva)
Sheriff Sid Kelly/Brady - Albert Farley (Alberta Quaglini)
Liz Kelly/Brady - Angela Otts (Angelica Ott)
Nora Kendall/Kenton - Diana Garsón (Alda Gallotti)
Sam Dollar - Indio Gonzáles (Gaspar González)
deputy - Jack Rocks (Moisés Rocha)
newspaper editor - Gustavo Re
with: Javier Conn (Javier Conde), Mario Via, Fernando Rubio, Juan M. Simón), Carlos Otero (Carlos Pereira), Joaquin Blanco, César Ojinaga, Eduardo Lizarza (Eduardo Lizarraga), Teresa Giro, Jesús Redondo, Alfonso Castro, Gabriel Giménez, Mary Montal, Miguel Muniesa, María Zaldívar, Roberto Font (Roberto Donis), Mario Maranzana, Diana Sorel (Laura Jimeno), Arana Kendall, Consuelo de Nieva, Alberto Gadea

The town of Fartown is controlled by a gang og outlaws who spread terror at the behest of their elusive leader to prevent the settlers to settle on the local land. The head Senator Dana Harper who has a mysterious lover, the wife of Sheriff Brady, an honest man who has passed his prime who is waiting for support from his superior who is Harper. A young gunman Spider Kendall is in love with Brady’s daughter and when she is kidnapped and killed by the sadistic Sam Dollar, the two join forces to rid the country of the outlaws amid the killing of Senator Harper and Dollar. Law and order returns to Fartown.

YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpOG3uKEB6o


  1. I haven't see this in 40 years so I don't remember much about it. I recorded some of the music at the time, and later on realized that De Masi wrote a sizable chunk of it because his style is unmistakable. That and the fact that he reused cues from his other scores. I'd love to have this score if only for the track used in the begining when the stagecoach is attacked.

  2. Several of the early Spaghetti films have co-composers. My guess is they used a Spanish composer to score the Spanish release and an Italian composer to score the Italian release. Since these early scores and films are seldom released and if they are only one composer's score, it has been next to impossible to confirm this theory.

  3. Sartana - According to Antonio Bruschini this De Masi's score for the Italian version of this film was later recycled in Seven Dollars To Kill. 7 Dollars OST has been released on CD so you'll most likely find the track you are looking for from that CD.

  4. Forgot to mention - French version "Pour un dollar d’amour" is a completely different "erotic version" of the film, with new scenes, re-edited by Eurociné and released, as far as I know, in French language only. Sadly, this is the only version I have been able to find. If anyone's got a copy of Italian, English or Spanish versions I'd be very interested in trade. Spanish tape release does exist, but it's very rare these days.

  5. This movie was the main reason i started to love spagetti westerns.
    I know the music in the beginning by heart and often hum it.I remember bits and pieces of this film.The ending has the Sheriff facing Dollar.And he says something like"But i think you know that,here's something you don't know.Nora Kenton was my wife"They both draw,Dollar goes down.Horse neighs.
    It's been 50 years since i saw it.
    Hope to see it again someday....
    Long live those spagetti westerns!
    Thanks...Stephen Ciotti......