Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy 70th Birthday Andrés Resino

Andrés Resino Fernández was born on November 6, 1940 in Velada, Toledo, Spain. While pursuing a college degree in Political Science he changed majors and went to the Official School of Interpretation. There he met another student and a young director, Pedro Olea [1938- ] who offered him a role in his first film "Días de viejo color". Since that first role Andrés has appeared in over a dozen films. Resino has appeared in both Spanish and Italian productions such as, "La noche de Walpurgis" (1970) directed by Leon Klimovsky, "Aunque la hormona se vista de seda" (1971) directed by Vicente Escrivá, "Los amantes de la isla del Diablo" (1972) directed by Jesús Franco. His film appearance was an aversion from his true love, the stage. Resino deputed on the stage in 1975 and continued appearing in plays into the 2000s. Since the mid-90s he’s also appeared on television. Andrés Resino appeared in the the Euro-semi-western "Trinity Sees Red" (1970) with Terence Hill. Andrés was married to actress Eva León [1948- ] from 1967-1972 and the two are the parents of actor Andrés Resino, Jr. producer, assistant director, actress Mercedes Resino. Andrés is the cousin of soccer player, now coach Abel Resino. Today we celebrate the 70th birthday of Andrés Resino.

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