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Utvandrarna - Swedish title
Os Emigrantes - Brazilian title
Udvandrerne - Danish title
Här har du ditt liv - Finnish title
Maastamuuttajat - Finnish title
Les emigrants - French title
Die Auswanderer - German title
Die Neubürger - German title
Emigranten - German title
Gia mia kainourgia patrida - Greek title
Kivándorlók - Hungarian title
Karl e Kristina - Italian title
Los emigrantes - Spanish title
The Emigrants - English title

A 1970 Swedish production [Svensk Filmidustri (Stockholm)]
Producer: Bengt Forslund
Director: Jan Troell
Story: “Utvandrarna” and “Invandrarna” by Vilhelm Moberg
Screenplay: Bengt Forslund, Jan Troell
Cinematography: Jan Troell [Technicolor]
Music: Erik Nordgren
Running time: 151 minutes

Karl Oskar - Max von Sydow (Carl Von Sydow)
Kristina - Liv Ullmann
Robert Nilsson - Eddie Axberg
Nils - Sven-Olof Bern (Seven-Olof Andersson)
Marta - Aina Alfredsson
Danjel - Allan Edwall (Johan Edvall)
Ulrika - Monica Zatterlund (Eva Nilsson)
Arvid - Pierre Linstedt
Jonas Peter - Hans Alfredson
Danjel’s wife - Ulla Smidje
Elin - Eva-Lena Zetterlund
The Vicar - Gustaf Färingborg
Aron - Åke Fridell
Fina Kajsa - Agneta Prytz (Ingrid Pritz)
Anders - Halvar Björk
Verger - Arnold Alfredson
Mans Jakob - Bror Englund
Pastor Jackson - Tom C. Fouts
second mate - Peter Høimark
Captain Lorentz - Erik Johansson
Landberg - Staffan Liljander
first mate - Göran Lundin
children - Dittie Martinsson, Lasse Matinsson, Pelle Martinsson, Annika Nyhammar, Annika Nyhammar, Yvonne Oppstedt, Linn Ulmann
with: Bruno Sörwing

In the middle of the 19th century, a young couple, Kristina and Karl-Oskar, live in Smaland - a small rural community in southern Sweden. They survive on a small plot of infertile land. Times are difficult: there is bad weather, the harvests are poor and hunger prevails. Hunger forces the couple's first-born child to secretly eat food that was not ready for eating. This leads to the child's death and convinces the mother to accept the decision of the father to emigrate to the US. They are joined by another family running away from religious persecution and a man running away from a troublesome wife. The rest of the film traces their difficult journey on a rickety sailing ship that takes ten weeks to make it across the Atlantic and the inland journey to what is now Minnesota where the emigrants that survived the journey would start their new life in the New World.

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