Monday, October 18, 2010

Remembering Werner Wieland

Werner Wieland was born in Leipzig, Germany on October 18, 1910. Werner’s career began in cabarets while taking acting lessons from Detlef Sierck and Peter Stanchina. He worked as a free lance actor not belonging to any particular theater group. After World War II he appeared in Quedlinburg then on the radio in Leipzig. From 1953-55 he attended the Babelsburg Film and Theater University taking lessons in direction. With the role of Gustav Noske in the TV series "Das Lied der Matrosen" he goes on to appear in extensive televison work beginning in 1958. He often played such roles as professors and generals. In all Werner appeared in over 30 film and television series. His only Euro-western was as Goldworth in1968's "Trail of the Falcon" starring Gojko Mitic. Wieland’s last film was 1983's "Zille and Me" fictional episodes about the German painter Heinrich Zille. Werner died on June 9, 1984 in Potsdam, Germany. Today we remember Werner Wieland on what would have been his 100th birthday.

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