Monday, October 25, 2010

Remembering Guido Leoni

Director, screenwriter, Guido Leoni was born on October 25, 1920 in Verona, Italy. While still a law student Leoni took an interest in writing radio plays. This lead to his screenwriting career which began in 1949 with "Vogliamoci bene!" and in 1952 with"L’eroe sono io di" which results in his association with actor Renato Rascel [1912-1991] for which he would write a number of TV productions. Sometimes using the alias Robert Bradley, Guido begins his directing career in 1949 and among his 20+ film credits is a screen writing credit for one Euro-western "Zorro the Fox" (1968) starring George Ardisson and directed by Guido Zurli. Today we remember Guido Leoni on what would have been his 90th birthday.


  1. according to Dizionario del cinema italiano, Leoni dies December 1st, 1998 in Rome.

  2. Thank you Anonymous, sad news but I've made the appropriate changes.