Monday, October 11, 2010

RIP Basil Keys

Although no date is given, the BAFTA in memoriam section lists Basil Keys, brother of John Paddy Carstairs and Anthony Nelson-Keys, as having died in 2009.

He was the 1st assistant director on The Upturned Glass (1947), Dancing with Crime (1947), Morning Departure (1950), Albert RN (1953), The Sea Shall Not Have Them (1954), Reach for the Sky (1955), Seven Waves Away (1957) and Night of the Demon (1957). As a production manager he worked on Third Man on the Mountain (19590), Naked Prey (1966) and Here We Go Around the Mulberry Bush (1967) and as an associate producer he worked on Carry on Regardless (1962), Paranoiac (1963), Zulu (1964), Catch Us If You Can (1965) and O' Lucky Man (1972).

Basil Keys was the production manager for the 1966 Euro-western "The Trap".

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