Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Euro-western release

Bodmers Reise – Swiss title
Bodmers Journey – U.S.A. title

A 2010 Swiss, U.S.A. Co-production [Silvertrain Productions, Jeridoo Productions
Producer: Luke Gasser, Guido Baechler, Danny Ming
Director: Luke Gasser
Story: ''Travels in the Interior of North America'' by Prince Maxmillian zu Weid
Screenplay: Luke Gasser
Cinematography: Luke Gasser, Danny Ming [color]
Music: Luke lasser, Max Lasser
Running time: 94 minutes

narrators - Franziskus Abgottspon, Dirk Gunther
with: Chief Leonard Crow Dog, Crow Dog Jr., Pascal Vogler, Erwin Odermatt, Bruno Gasser, Ernst Spichtig, Riodi Gasser, Robert Cross, Kevin Eagle Heart, Sarah Burt, David Borlaug, Howard Bad Hand

On May 17, 1832 the German ethnologist and naturalist Prince Maximilian zu Wied and the young Swiss Artist Karl Bodmer set out on a long and adventurous journey into the vast prairies of North America to explore and document the Native American culture. The resulting images from Bodmer and the Prince's records are to this day the most important and original testimony of the Native Americans of North-America.

Bodmer's adventurous two-year journey is followed along the Missouri River with pictures, interviews and reenactments, while we travel through nine States and visit six Indian Reservations. To conclude our historical journey, we include pictures of the current situation of the North American Indians, 176 years later

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