Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Gli specialisti - Italian title
Le spécialiste - French title
Die Spezialisten - German title
Fahrt zur Hölle, ihr Halunken - German title
Lännen spesialisti - Finnish titl
A szakérto - Hungarian title
El especialista - Spanish title
Drop Them or I’ll Shoot - English title

A 1968 Italian, French, German co-production [Adelphia Cinematografica (Rome), Les Films Marceau (Paris), Neue Emelka (Munich)]
Producer: Sergio Corbucci
Director: Sergio Corbucci
Story: Sabatino Ciuffini, Sergio Corbucci
Screenplay: Sabatino Ciuffini, Sergio Corbucci
Cinematography: Dario Di Palma [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: A.F. Lavagnino (Angelo Francesca Lavagnino)
Running time: 104 minutes

Hud Dixon/Brett/Brad - Johnny Hallyday (Jean-Philippe Smet)
Francisco Rafael Fatorro/El Diablo - Mario Adorf
Virginia Pollicut - Françoise Fabian (Michele Fabianera)
Sheba - Sylvie Fennec
Valencia - Angela Luce (Angela Savino)
Boot - Serge Marquand
gambler - Gino Pernice (Luigi Pernice
Deputy Sheriff Gideon - Gaston Moschin (Gastone Moschine)
barman - Mimmo Poli (Domenico Poli)
Pedro - Pietro Ceccarelli
Judge Ham - Mario Castellari
Mac Lane - Riccardo Dominici
Rosencranz - Andrés José Cruz
Buddy - Christian Belegue
Mix - Stefano Cattarossi
Apache - Gabrielle Tavernese
Doctor Logan - Lucio Rosato
El Diable henchman - Riccardo Pizzuti
Lord/Oscar - Renato Pinciroli
townsman - Elio Angelucci, Ettore Arena
with: Brizio Montinaro, Franco Marletta (Francesco Marletta), Kim Dimon (Kiem Diemon)

A gunfighter named Hud Dixon arrives in Blackstone seeking revenge for his brother Charlie’s death. He discovers the truth behind the lost money of the Blackstone Bank for which Charlie was accused of stealing. Hud sets out to find the stolen money and find those responsible for the lynching of his brother. Hud finds the money which banker Virginia Pollicut decides to leave the territory with but outlaw El Diablo, a former friend of Hud’s decides would be better off in his hands. Hud faces El Daiblo and his gang, recovers the money after disposing of the outlaws and is told by a dying Virginia she is responsible for Charlie’s death.


  1. Biltmore: His name should read Riccardo Dominici. I just watched the DVD and Arturo is not lised in the credits. Pinciroli is actually called Oscar in the italo print. He might be called Lord in the english print.

  2. Thanks Biltmore. Changes additions made.