Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy 70th Birthday Diana Lorys

Born Ana Maria Cazorla Vega on October 20th 1940 in Madrid, Spain. We know her as the talented actress Diana Lorys. She studied dance, classical ballet and Spanish flamenco, drama and diction. She made her acting debut in theater productions but has devoted herself to film since 1960. Diana has worked primarily in Spanish productions but also has appeared in Italian films specializing in Horror, Spy Films, Sci-Fi, Adventure and Westerns. The decline of the genre films being made in Spain also led to a downturn in her career. Her last film appearance was in 1978. She apparently married and retired to private life but did pop up in local theater productions in Germany in the late ‘70s and has apparently returned to Spain. With her typical Hispanic beauty and her penetrating stares the small but shapely Lorys was one of the great female stars of the Euro-western appearing in 17 productions. Among her best known were, “Gunfighters of Casa Grande” (1964) “Murieta” (1964), “The Texican” (1966), “Villa Rides” (1967), “Tequila” (1971), “Bad Man’s River” (1972) and “Get Mean” (1976). Today we celebrate Diana Lorys’ 70th Birthday.


  1. Congratulations
    Un hombre de porvenir, 2010

  2. Here's a little more on Diana's B movie career:

  3. Nice job Diana your acting an looks beat the pants off anything hollywood can ever