Sunday, October 31, 2010


Tu, pequeno hombre blanco... yo, gran cazador - Spanish title

Yo, gran cazador - Spanish title
Io, grande cacciatore - Italian title
Adlerflugel - Germn title
Kotkan Siivet - Finnish title
Orle skrzydlo - Polish title
Tuekampen - Swedish title
Eagle’s Wing - English title

A 1979 British production [Peter Shaw Production (London)]
Producer: Ben Arbeid
Director: Anthony Harvey
Story: John Briley
Story Adaptation: Michael Syson
Screenplay: John Briley
Cinematography: Billy Williams [Eastmancolor, CinemaScope]
Music: Marc Williamson
Running tim: 111 minutes

Pike - Martin Sheen (Ramon Estevez)
White Bull/Toro Blanco - Sam Waterston (Samuel Waterston)
Henry - Harvey Keitel
‘The Widow’ - Stéphane Audran (Colette Dacheville)
Judith - Caroline Langrishe
priest - John Castle
Red Sky/Cielo Rojo - Jorge Luke
Lame Wolf - José Carlos Ruiz
Miguel - Manuel Ojeda (Jesus Ruiz de la Pena)
Gonzalo - Jorge Russek
José - Pedro Damián
monk - Farnesio de Barnal
girl - Cecilia Camacho
Sánchez - Claudio Brook
Don Luis - Julio Lucena
shaman - Enrique Lucero

Pike, a young greenhorn trapper, who has deserted from the army teams up with Henry, a seasoned trapper. While packing up their traps the two are attacked and Henry is killed. Pike alone on the plains of New Mexico witnesses a duel between a group of Indians, one a chief riding a magnificent white horse named Eagle’s Wing. Pike manages to capture the horse but has it stolen from him by a lone Indian named White Bull. Pike pursues the horse and the thief.

All the while a group of rich impetuous white travelers are attacked by a group of Indians. After White Bull takes all the jewels and gold-hewn hand-mirrors from the group of white travelers and ‘The Widow’. Pike finds them stranded in the desert but is still intent on saving his white stallion, not the white travelers and leaves them stranded.

A group of men from a local mission set out to search for the travelers. White Bull sets traps for the men by leaving a trail with the stolen jewels and they all die from the hidden traps. Pike fights White Bull on horseback and loses, even though both are wounded. The white man is no match on horseback for the Indian, even when he had a sword. White Bull goes back to his home with Pike's white stallion and leaves ‘The Widow’ behind.

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