Monday, September 6, 2010

Who Are Those Gals? - Brigitte Auber, Pauline Baards, Paola Bárbara

Paolina Prato was born on August 12, 1912, in Rome, Italy. She was known to movie- goers as Pauline Baards and Paola Bárbara. Starting in the theater she was a co-organizer of the theater group Gizzi-Barbara-Annicelli at the end of the 1930s. Paola appeared in over 60 films between her first film “Campo de maggio” (aka “100 Days of Napoleon”) in 1935 until her final film “Scherzi da prete” in 1978. She was married to director Primo Zeglio from 1942 until his death in 1984. During World War II she fled Italy with Zeglio and lived in Spain where she continued to appear in films and became a voice dubber for 20th Century Fox films which would be shown in Italy after the war. Returning with Primo to Italy in 1947, Paola returned to the stage with her newfounded theater troup Barbara-Tamberlani-Villa. In 1961 she was credited with the screenplay for “Rosmunda e Alboino” (aka “Sword of the Conqueror”). After Zeglio died she turned to religion and became a lay sister the last few years of her life dying in Rome on October 2, 1989.

Paola appeared in six Euro-westerns playing mature women (mothers, sisters, madams etc.)

BAARDS, Pauline (aka Paola Bárbara) (Paolina Prato) [8/12/1912, Anguillara Sabazia, Lazio, Italy – 10/2/1989, Rome, Lazio, Italy] – screenwriter, stage, voice actress. married to director, screenwriter Primo Zeglio [1906-1984] (1942-1984).
Ride and Kill – 1963 (Mrs. Joan Stauffer)
The Sign of the Coyote – 1963 (Mama Acevedo) [as Paola Bárbara]
Two Violent Men – 1964 (Kenny’s mother)
The Relentless Four – 1965 (Eliza Anders)
Killer Adios – 1968 (Bill’s sister) [as Paola Bárbara]
A Man Called Sledge – 1970 (Jade) [as Paola Bárbara]

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