Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy 75th Birthday Alan Steel

Born Sergio Ciani on September 7, 1935 in Rome, Italy. Sergio used the stage name of Alan Steel and sometimes Alan Scott in his films. He was one of the few muscle men not imported from the United States to star in the Peplum films. He started as a body double for Steve Reeves and other sword and sandal actors. Alan first appeared in films opposite Reeves in “Hercules Unchained” and actually starred as Hercules in “Hercules Against Rome”, and “Hercules Against the Moon Men” both in 1964. After the Peplum film craze ended Steel continued to appear in dramas, horror films and Spaghetti Westerns. Steel appeared as Samson in “Lost Treasure of the Aztecs” (1964), “Saguaro” (1968) with muscle men Gordon Mitchell and Kirk Morris, “Cowboy Kid” (1972) and “Fast Hand is Still My Name” (1973). His last film was “Baby Love” (1979). Today we celebrate Alan Steel's 75th birthday.

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