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100.000 dollari per Lassiter – Italian title
La cento mille dollari per Lassiter – Italian title
$100,000 par el Lassiter – Spanish title
La muerte cumple condena – Spanish title
Para Lassiter – Spanish title
100.000 dollars pour Lassiter – French title
100.000 Dollar für einen Colt – German title
Das Letzte Wort Hat Der Colt – German title
Pente sfaires ston stoho – Greek title
$100,000 for Lassiter – U.K. title
Dollars for a Fast Gun – U.S.A. title

A 1965 Spanish, Italian co-production [Centauro Film (Madrid), PEA (Rome)]
Producer: Alberto Grimaldi, Félix Durán Aparicio, Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent
Director: J.R. Marchent (Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent)
Story: Joaquín Romero Hernández (Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent), Sergio Donati
Screenplay: Joaquín Romero Hernández (Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent), Sergio Donati
Cinematography: Fulvio Testi, Rafael Pacheco (Rafael Pacheco de Usa) [Eastmancolor, Totalscope]
Music: Marcello Giombini
Running time: 99 minutes

Lassiter - Robert Hundar (Claudio Undari)
Martin – Jose Bodalo
Helen Ray/Sarah - Pamela Tudor
Frank Nolan - Jesús Puente (Jesús Alzaga)
Pat Davis - Carlo Romero Marchent
Helen/Sarah's brother - Roberto Camardiel (Roberto Escudero)
Martin's son - Luis Gaspar (Luis Osorio)
Martin hechman – Luigi Pistilli, Aldo Sambrell (Alfredo Brell), Benito Stefanelli
with; Andrew Ray (Andrea Aurelli), Robert Johnson, Jr., Livio Contardi, Luis Caster, Antonio Ruiz, Ángel Ortiz (Ricardo Ortiz), Francisco Sanz, Dina Loy, Giovanni Petti (Giovanni Petrucci), Fernando Bilbao, Emilio Rodríguez, Guillermo Méndez, Indio Gonzáles (Gaspar González), Fernando Hilbeck (Fernando Gavalda), Jorge Llopis, Rafael Vaquero, Agustin Bescos, Luis Prendes (Luis Estrada)

Two outlaws, Nolan and Martin, have robbed a bank of a large sum of money. Nolan shot and weakend from his wounds is abandoned by Martinbut before he can ride away Nolan gets a shot off and hits Martin in the back. Ten years later we find Martin confined to a wheelchair but in control of the territory. Through his henchmen he collects rent and kills or runs out those who protest. A young widow named Sarah stands up to Martin and his gang. A stranger named Lassiter arrives one day and becomes acquainted with Sarah's brother. He decides to help the family and bribes Martin that he can deliver Frank to him for a large reward. Martin decides to send his son and another of his men to try and capture Frank but they fail. Lassiter has a letter giving Frank's whereabouts and now a game of cat and mouse begins.

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  1. This was made right around the same time that Robert Hundar made "The Son Of Jesse James" in 1965.