Monday, September 27, 2010

La donna carnefice nel paese dell'oro

La donna carnefice nel paese dell'oro – Italian title

A 1925 Italian production [Subalpina Film (Turin)]
Producer: ?
Director: Mario Guaita-Ausonia, Luigi Fiorio
Story: ?
Screenplay: ?
Cinematography: Luigi Fiorio [black & white]
Running time: 2017 meters

Giovanni Beltramo, Isa Bluette (Teresea Ferrero), Mario Guaita-Ausonia, Bianca Hübner, Emilio Vardannes (Émile Vardannes), Vittorio Vaser

A colony of Canadians whose goods are destroyed in a fire decide to go to Alaska. They camp by the Yukon River, where they are surrounded by bandits led by a man named Blake and a woman called La Piovra, but eventually the bandits are killed, La Piovra dies from a snakebite.

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