Sunday, September 19, 2010

Remembering Horst Kube

Horst Kube was born on September 19, 1920 in Berlin, Germany. He spent his school days aspiring to be circus director. When reality set in he turned to becoming a naval engineer. He served in the German navy during World War II. After the war Horst devoted himself to acting. He began doing bit parts in theaters and cabarets while taking acting lessons from Harry Berber. Later he would perform in the Fairy Tale Theater in Berlin and in various production in Potsdam and Frankfurt. He joined the DEFA studio in the mid-1950s.. Kurt again worked his way up to supporting roles by acting in bit parts. His break through role was as a police officer who commits a criminal act in the 1956 film “Vergeßt mir meine Traudel nicht”. Kube appeared in five of the DEFA Indian films: “The Sons of Great Bear”, “The Falcon's Trail”, “Fatal Error”, “Tecumseh” and “Apaches” (1973). Later on in his career Horst would appear in satirical short films called 'Stinger Productions' and on DFF television. Horst died on Ocotber 18, 1976 in East Berlin, Germany. Today we remember Horst Kube on what would have been his 90th birthday.

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