Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy 70th Birthday Nicola Di Bari

Nicola Di Bari was born Michele Scommegna on September 29, 1940 in Fossa, Italy. Since 1961 he's been a popular pop singer in Italy and Latin America. He won the San Remo Festival in 1971 and 1972. He recorded several albums in Spanish which were released in South America where he became very well known. He was born on the feast day of St. Michael and his father said, “This is a lucky day so the boy will be called Michael so he will always be protected by this saint.” During his primary schooling it was decided he would not follow in his family's footsteps as farmers but would continue his education at Istituto Arcivescovile Sacro Cuore in Manfredonia. During a street fair on the anniversary of St. Michael's Day he helped an ice cream vendor who had lost his voice. He felt sorry for the old man and began to yell “Ice Cream” and singing songs. He drew the crowds attention, applause and requests as the vendor sold out of ice cream. In 1958 he moved to Milan and started his recording career. In 1964 he recorded “Amore ritorna a casa” as Nicola Di Bari which became a hit and launched him on a long and successful career. During the '60s he learned guitar and even acted in a few films. Among his recordings were three songs for the 1967 Terence Hill film “Viva Django”, “You'd Better Smile” and “Cosa vale un uomo”. Nicola continued his career into the early part of the 21st Century. Today we celebrate Nicola Di Bari's 70th birthday.

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